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From water bottle to functional bar: summer strategies in the saddle

Courtesy of: Dr. Erica Lombardi, Dietitian Team Astana Premier Tech, and Giacomo Garabello, Fitness Coach and Sport Nutritionist Summertime for a cyclist should be synonymous...
Informed Sport e NAMEDSPORT

Informed Sport and NAMEDSPORT>: clean energy

Informed Sport and NAMEDSPORT>: clean energy Informed Sport is a globally recognized certification program that aims to certify the quality of products, suppliers and production...


Our laboratories have developed three different BCAA formulations for three specific sporting and nutritional needs of anyone who exercises. Before we guide you through this...

Quick guide to supplementing with BCAAs in sport

What are BCAAs? How can supplementing a diet with branched-chain amino acids be useful for an athlete? When should you take them? In this...

A good new habit

Wellbeing is a habit. Just like sporting performance, it requires training and dedication. You have to pay attention to it every day with the...

Da non perdere

Ajipure® Ajinomoto Amino Acids

In some formulations of our sports supplements, we have chosen to use Ajipure® Ajinomoto amino acids to guarantee the maximum possible level of effectiveness...

Supplements for fitness

Why should you take supplements if you want to keep fit? How can you add supplements to your diet to help with your gym...
Cosa bere durante un'uscita in bici da corsa I Stay Trained!

What to drink on a road bike ride

What to drink on a road bike ride? Have you ever wondered? Especially when the physical effort is particularly intense or when it's very...

Sports supplements. Why don’t you use them?

Sports supplements. Don’t you use them?   If you practise sport at any level and it plays an important role in your life, sports supplements can...

Protein intake in endurance sports

Courtesy of: Dr. Luca PollastriSpecialist in Sports MedicineMedical Doctor Team Bike ExchangePENTAVIS - Lecco The consumption of an adequate amount of protein has long been...