Isotonic Power Gel

Both in training and in competition to support sports performance, your body needs the help of gels that provide you with an adequate energy intake during muscular efforts.

On the market you can find 3 types, with different plasma osmolarity: isotonichypotonic and hypertonic.

Plasma osmolarity refers to the concentration of electrolytes and other molecules, such as carbohydrates, dissolved in a liquid solution relative to the concentration of components in the plasma. 

  • Isotonic gels have the same concentration of solutes present in plasma
  • Hypotonic gels have a lower concentration of solutes
  • Hypertonic have a higher concentration of solutes

What does that mean?

The different osmolarities affect the digestion and assimilation of carbohydrates and, consequently, the gastric emptying and energy supply.

Since isotonic solutes have a concentration equal to that of blood, they can be taken without water and are rapidly assimilated in the intestinal tract and in the body. This ensures greater energy replenishment and more effective rehydration.

Hypotonic gels are ideal for better and rapid rehydration, resulting in a decrease in the feeling of thirst.

Hypertonic gels, however, having a high concentration of solutes compared to blood, are absorbed more slowly and are therefore useful to provide long-term, but not immediate energy.

Isotonic Power Gel> is an isotonic formulation designed by the R&D department of NAMEDSPORT> to meet the need for a mix of carbohydrates to increase endurance in endurance sports, without drinking and therefore minimizing the excessive consumption of water with the consequent annoying sense of gastric heaviness.

In addition to the particular mixture of differentiated release maltodextrin, the gel is enriched with branched cyclic dextrins Cluster Dextrin®, or complex carbohydrates of the highest quality, obtained from amylopectin, the main component of corn starch, which provide immediate and lasting energy and support rapid muscle recovery.

The properties of the ingredients allow to increase the speed of gastric emptying, and offer a constant and gradual energy supply that quickly reaches the intestinal level. Here it is absorbed to effectively achieve and maintain energy reserves in the muscles, thus favoring a better and longer-lasting physical performance.

Isotonic Power Gel> is gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, and suitable for a vegetarian or vegan diet.

How to use: for endurance sports it is advisable to consume 1 to 4 gels per hour to provide additional energy intake. For high intensity sports, however, 1 during physical activity.