GSH Active

We all know that regular physical activity helps to improve psycho-physical well-being:

> it improves the functionality of the cardiovascular system

> it helps to control weight and promote the development of lean muscle mass

> it promotes the strengthening of the osteoarticular system

> it helps to modulate the immune system, promoting the state of well-being and harmonising the balance of body and mind

If, however, physical activity is carried out in a prolonged and intense way, especially when aerobic, there is an increase in inflammation and oxidative stress that impacts the entire body: stress for the skeletal muscle apparatus, cardio-respiratory stress and metabolic stress.
All this happens because our body, during an activity of high intensity, over a prolonged time, consumes a high amount of oxygen and energy with consequent inflammation and an increase in free radicals.

Failing to counterbalance the increase in oxidative stress with natural antioxidant defences, our body undergoes oxidation of cell membranes and a state of inflammation that will fall on the entire metabolism and, in particular, on the cardiovascular system and skeletal muscle.


The first step is to gradually train the physique to prolonged and intense sessions, observing the due periods of rest to allow the body to adapt to progressive stress loads, and simultaneously increase the antioxidant capacity able to counteract the excess of free radicals.

The second step is to reinforce our antioxidant defences by supplementing them with a key element: Glutathione.


Glutathione or GSH is a natural molecule consisting of three amino acids: glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine. This particular chemical composition gives glutathione a high capacity to oxidise or reduce, protecting proteins and other oxidisable compounds from the deleterious action of free radicals.
More specifically, glutathione is part of the composition of a group of enzymes with an antioxidant action (glutathione peroxidase, whose activity is linked to the presence of selenium) capable of neutralizing hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), a highly reactive compound generated during the normal oxidative metabolism of cells. If not neutralised by antioxidant systems, hydrogen peroxide can cause oxidative damage to DNA, proteins and membrane lipids.
Fortunately, glutathione peroxidase can transform hydrogen peroxide into water, neutralising its harmful effects. Once this danger is eliminated, the oxidised glutathione to regain its antioxidant activity must return to its reduced form and this is done thanks to another enzyme, glutathione reductase.

Glutatione perossidi
Il glutatione nella funzione della glutatione perossidasi

Precisely thanks to this intrinsic ability to regenerate continuously, according to many scholars, glutathione is often considered the most powerful antioxidant present in the human body.
In healthy cells the ratio between reduced and oxidised glutathione remains around 9:1; a decrease is considered an index of oxidative stress, so it is important to supplement it.


A correct concentration of glutathione in the blood and muscle is closely related to a reduction in oxidative stress and the well-being of the body.
Clinical studies show that glutathione improves aerobic metabolism, in particular in the supply of energy at the muscular level.


From NAMEDSPORT> research GSH Active> is born, an innovative supplement based on liposomal Glutathione, Glycine, Glutamine, N-Acetylcystine (NAC) and Vitamin C, designed to ensure a correct supplementation of glutathione.

> Formula enriched with a pool of substances with high antioxidant power

> Thanks to the special orosoluble formula, it allows a rapid absorption that corresponds to the high bioavailability of glutathione in the bloodstream

> With amino acids Glycine and Glutamine, essential for the biosynthesis of glutathione at the liver level

> With patented G-MatrixLipid® technology, for a differentiated release over time of N-acetylcysteine and Vitamin C

> The intake of 1 stick-pack per day, dissolved under the tongue immediately after activity or daily, is particularly recommended for those who practice any intense physical activity