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Supplements for vegetarians and vegans

With a growing number of athletes adopting a 100% (or near enough) plant-based diet, the demand for supplements for vegetarians and vegans is growing....

CRAMPS: causes, risks and how to treat them

Edited by: Dr. Luca Simoni. Nutritionist biologist and lecturer at the 'Sanis' School of Nutrition and Integration in Sport. Who hasn't experienced cramping at least once...
Consigli per il recupero post workout

Recovery: why not underestimate it? Our tips for post workout

During physical activity, especially if intense or long-lasting, the muscles utilize the glycogen reserves they have stored, resulting in a reduction of the same....
I consigli di The Fashion Jogger per correre la Milano Marathon

The Fashion Jogger’s advices for running the Milano Marathon

We had the pleasure of hosting Lisa Migliorini, better known on socials as The Fashion Jogger, for a training session on the topic of...

Ajipure® Ajinomoto Amino Acids

In some formulations of our sports supplements, we have chosen to use Ajipure® Ajinomoto amino acids to guarantee the maximum possible level of effectiveness...