Recovery: why not underestimate it? Our tips for post workout

Consigli per il recupero post workout

During physical activity, especially if intense or long-lasting, the muscles utilize the glycogen reserves they have stored, resulting in a reduction of the same. In addition, there is damage and breakdown of muscle proteins.

In the phase that follows the training or race our body puts in place repair processes, restoring the body to normal metabolic, physiological and functional balance, restoring the right reserves of glycogen, accelerating all repair, and muscle recovery processes.

We must not underestimate this phase, but conceive it as a training. In fact, if you want to improve your sports performance, post-workout recovery is essential, because if it does not happen correctly, the subsequent intense training or race, will lead to a performance deficit or otherwise you will fail to achieve your goal.

The recovery phase begins as soon as the activity ends. It is now established that there is a window of about 30/45 minutes from the end of the workout in which it is necessary to provide the body with an adequate intake of carbohydrates and proteins to speed up and optimize the formation of glycogen, activating protein synthesis.

A questo proposito può esserci d’aiuto Total Energy Recovery>, , a practical single-dose pouch with a balanced blend rich in simple and complex carbohydrates, maltodextrin, and Cluster Dextrin, highly branched cyclic dextrins with high solubility and with a fast gastric emptying action that allows rapid intestinal absorption. In addition, we find a good amount of essential amino acids, in addition to leucine and its metabolite HMB (hydroxymethylbutyrate), particularly appreciated for the ability to significantly activate the pathways of muscle regenerative processes.

Remember that hydration, nutrition, and supplementation should be added to muscle recovery exercises, not forgetting to take care of sleep: that’s when muscle regeneration happens. Let’s adopt strategies that make time for moments of calm, reduce stress, walks, stretching, massage, and relax the mind. In this way we will achieve the best functional recovery.

After this delicate phase, we return to our training with the right motivation and the right energy.