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Quick guide to supplementing with BCAAs in sport

What are BCAAs? How can supplementing a diet with branched-chain amino acids be useful for an athlete? When should you take them? In this...
Cosa bere durante un'uscita in bici da corsa I Stay Trained!

What to drink on a road bike ride

What to drink on a road bike ride? Have you ever wondered? Especially when the physical effort is particularly intense or when it's very...

Protein intake in endurance sports

Courtesy of: Dr. Luca PollastriSpecialist in Sports MedicineMedical Doctor Team Bike ExchangePENTAVIS - Lecco The consumption of an adequate amount of protein has long been...
Pancake proteico Creamy Protein 80 NAMEDSPORT> - proteine a colazione

How to supplement protein at breakfast?

Protein at breakfast is often a big absentee on our tables. A good breakfast on the other hand, especially if you're a sportsman, should include...

Supplements for fitness

Why should you take supplements if you want to keep fit? How can you add supplements to your diet to help with your gym...