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Energy gels

We have collected some of your questions to help you choose our supplements and today we answer the most popular:

Which gel should I choose?

First of all, energy gels are supplements with high concentrations of complex and simple carbohydrates with different absorption rates. Their function is to supply and supplement the right amount of carbohydrates during the workout, especially in endurance sports.
The maintenance of the carbohydrate reserve is extremely useful to provide the body with the energy necessary for muscle effort.

They can be taken 30 minutes before a very intense sports activity or a competition, to provide the body with a ready energy response from the initial phase.
Remember that not all gels are the same. Some energy gels are based on mixtures of only carbohydrates or enriched with:

> mineral salts

> amino acids

> tonic-stimulating substances such as caffeine, guarana, ginseng or taurine

These differences are important for the type of workout or race you want to tackle. Also to take into account: the hydration that we have available, the subjectivity and conditions during exercise and the need to increase the tonic stimulus when the concentration and forces begin to decrease.
Gels that contain tonic-stimulating substances, in particular caffeine, are useful in the final phase. However, remember that not all subjects are well predisposed to take it, therefore it remains a subjective choice of each athlete.

In general, it is recommended to take 1 gel every 40-50 minutes according to your needs: for this reason, it is always good to try the nutritional strategy before each race, to prepare your intestine and check tolerability.

NAMEDSPORT> gels are the practical and immediate response to a demand for energy. With specific formulations to support performance in the various phases of training and competitions.


Its isotonic formulation has been designed by the R&D department of NAMEDSPORT> to respond to the need for a mix of carbohydrates that increases stamina in endurance sports, without drinking and therefore minimising excessive water consumption with the consequent annoying sense of gastric heaviness.
In addition to the particular mixture of maltodextrins with a differentiated release, the gel is enriched with Cluster Dextrin™ branched cyclic dextrins, which are complex carbohydrates of the highest quality, obtained from amylopectin, the main component of corn starch, which provide immediate and lasting energy and support rapid muscle recovery.
The properties of the ingredients increase the speed of gastric emptying and provide a constant and gradual energy supply that arrives quickly at the intestinal level. Here it is absorbed to effectively achieve and maintain energy reserves in the muscles, thus favouring a better and longer-lasting physical performance.


Energy gel with low glycemic index D-Ribose and Isomaltulose Palatinose™ to provide energy in a balanced and prolonged way. In particular, the 25g pack with straw is a practical solution for sports such as swimming or running. The Cola-lime flavour contains 50mg of caffeine.


Energy gel with maltodextrins at different assimilation rates (D.E.9.19). It quickly replenishes energy and thanks to the addition of caffeine, taurine and guarana as physical and mental energy stimulants, it is ideal in the sprint phase and during the final rush.


Energy gel with differentiated-release maltodextrins, Palatinose™ and Vitargo®, enriched with mineral salts to supply the athlete with energy constantly and gradually. The addition of vitamin C allows you to counteract fatigue and fatigue during endurance sports. It is ideal before or during the workout.


Energy gel with Maltodextrins with a differentiated release, fructose, Vitargo® and Isomaltulose Palatinose™ with a low glycemic index that provides energy, in the form of glucose, in a balanced and prolonged way. Its special formulation is enriched with Ajipure® branched amino acids fermented on a vegetable basis. The glycogenic amino acids Alanine and Glycine perform an energy function, intervening in the synthesis of glucose. It is perfect both before and during training or in competitions.


Energy gel with a mix of maltodextrins, dextrose, isomaltulose and fructose with different absorption rates, a complex of mineral salts with the addition of Matè and Maca. This liquid supplement is designed to provide a prompt tonic-stimulating response during the workout phases.


Energy mix in liquid form with differentiated release maltodextrins (D.E.: 9,19) that provide immediate and readily available energy. Its unique isotonic formulation is ideal in endurance sports to support the effort during the performance.


An energy food with real fruit, rich in mineral salts and carbohydrates at different assimilation rates and enriched with magnesium and potassium. It is ideal as a pre-and during-workout in endurance sports as it provides gradual and constant energy and helps support endurance.

All you have to do is choose your favourite!