Ajipure® Ajinomoto Amino Acids


In some formulations of our sports supplements, we have chosen to use Ajipure® Ajinomoto amino acids to guarantee the maximum possible level of effectiveness of the supplement for the purposes of certain sports and specific moments of physical performance.

So what exactly is the Ajipure® certification from the Ajinomoto company? What does it guarantee? Here are 5 exclusive features of the certification.

  1.  100% plant-based
    Produced with patented Ferment-A-PureTM technology, Ajipure® amino acids – unlike most of the amino acids currently available on the market – are derived from the fermentation of natural plant-based carbohydrates. By excluding the use of animal-based raw materials throughout all production processes, we can ensure that the amino acids produced are suitable for both vegetarian and vegan sportspeople.
  2. 100% natural
    The Ajipure certification does not allow for the presence of chemical or synthetic additives in our amino acids, meaning that we are happy to provide a 100% natural product.
  3.  100% pure
    Ajipure® amino acids are 99-100% pure and unparalleled in terms of quality. There may be up to six times more impurities present in other brands of amino acids. This ensures better absorption by the body and hence a greater level of effectiveness compared to other supplements that use ingredients with a higher level of impurities.
  4. Extra fineness for optimal absorption
    These amino acids are also guaranteed to perform better in terms of absorption, and hence speed of results, by the extra fine consistency of the product. Ajipure® amino acids are milled at least seven times, thereby guaranteeing greater solubility and faster absorption into the muscle.
  5. Over 100 years of research and development
    Ajinomoto has been contributing for over 100 years to the promotion of food culture by way of countless applications of amino acids. It can therefore boast over a century of research and development in the field of amino acids and an unparalleled record of the quality and purity of its ingredients. We had no choice but to choose a partner of this calibre to fine-tune our NAMEDSPORT> supplements.